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#DidyouknowFW? La Goguette

La goguette was a very popular singing society in the 19th century. In Paris, there were nearly five hundred in 1836 but you could find some in the most remote villages. Members met in cafes, cellars, buildings courtyards or in neighborhood halls to drink, laugh and sing. They passed on songs and sometimes political ideas.Some […]

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#DidyouknowFW? Jerrycan

Jerrycan: the engineer Vinzenz Grünvogel secretly had a 20-liter container produced in 1936 by the firm Müller Maschinen, from Schwelm, in Westphalia, to give Panzerdivisionen more autonomy. It was baptized Wehrmachtkanister (Wehrmacht canister), but the allies quickly copied him and named him “Jerry Can”, Jerry’s canister, Jerry being the nickname given to the Germans by […]

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#DidyouknowFW? Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe married his cousin only … 13 years old He was 26. So yes, we can say that customs have changed, etc., but you should know that this marriage was already very badly perceived at the time, and that the (very) young bride must have lied about her age so that they could […]

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Poster designed in 1942 by order of the US government during WWII intended for mass distribution and to present the Red Army soldiers as allies… US poster in 1942 Affiche conçue en 1942 sur ordre du gouvernement états-unien pendant la 2ème GM destinée à être distribuée massivement et à présenter les soldats de l’armée rouge […]

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#DidyouknowFW? IHS

IHS Iesus Hominis salvator (Jesus savior of men) Monogram that represents the name of Jesus. Its Greek origin is ΙΗΣ, the first 3 letters of the name of Jesus. It can be interpreted in Latin as Iesus Hominum Salvator.  In churches, we often find these three letters engraved on a crucifix or on stained glass. […]

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#DidyouknowFW? Napoléon et l’officier prussien.

Napoleon and the Prussian officer At the time when Napoleon was still only an artillery officer, a Prussian officer said before him very smugly, “that his compatriots never fought except for glory, while the French fought for money”  “You are right,” replied Bonaparte, “everyone is fighting to acquire what they lack.  “ (According to “Bonapartiana, […]

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