We wish to provide services of the highest standard within the resources available to us for all existing and potential guests. We will do whatever we can to make your experience with us as enjoyable as possible!

For our Mobility Reduced Guests

We aim to make Fredswalks as accessible as possible and most walks should be negotiated with ease by all clients.

The majority of our walks are suitable for wheelchair users and the routes have been planned out to minimise steps and ensure that there are ramps at places where we need to cross roads.

Please be aware that unforeseen building work might render some of the crossing points unusable but, should this be the case, your guide will use a slightly different route to ensure any problems are kept to an absolute minimum.

Please be aware that some of the Metro stations do not have wheelchair access from the platforms to street level, so you may need to seek alternative methods of transport, such as by bus or taxi, to reach the start point for the tour. You can also use the RATP Journey planner to plan your journey.

We are also happy to advise you on which busses stop at the various stations at which our walking tours begin. If you do have mobility issues, please let FredsWalks know at the start of the tour and your guide will ensure that the walk is suitably paced.

For our Hearing Impaired Guests

For better understanding amidst hustle and bustle of city life Fred projects his voice, one of the comments we get from clients who have difficulty hearing is that it is nice to be able to hear what the Fred is saying. Naturally, He sings in a Choir!

Likewise, if you prefer to lip read please let the Fred know at the start of the tour and he can ensure that he positions himself accordingly.

For our Visually Impaired guests

For our Visually Impaired guests, Fred will ensure that the speech is descriptive in such a manner that the guest may visualise the monuments.

Guide dogs are welcome on tours. Please be sure to introduce yourself to the guide at the start of the tour and the guide will then ensure that all roads are crossed at suitably safe points and that you are informed of any likely obstacles.